Friday, July 2, 2010

Off the coast of Finland

Just left Estonia a few hours ago. Had a great time there, visiting a ruined castle, a city fortress, and driving through some countryside that looks very much like Minnesota--pine and birch forests with farms growing barley and rye. Not much Soviet architecture in Minnesota, though!

Updating the blog because the Net connection is so flaky I have to grab time when I can.

Day before yesterday was a full--and I do mean full--day in St Petersburg. We spent about three hours in the Hermitage, saw only a fifth of what's there, and still only scratched the surface of that. One entire room of Rembrandt. Multiple rooms of Picasso (some of it on loan). More than I can even begin to describe. We left that city wondering if we had the gumption for Tallinn but today was more relaxed.

Tomorrow is Stockholm, then two days at sea. The weather is still unusually calm and downright hot. With the white nights it means that we have about sixteen or eighteen hours of light. The sunset lasts for hours. I think I'm starting to get used to looking out a window and seeing movement. On the main decks they have large portholes, like round floor-ceiling windows, that give a great view of the water sliding and sliding past.

Supper in a few minutes so I'm signing off. Shout out from the high seas to Kate and her LWD (little white dog).

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