Friday, July 9, 2010

Home again, home again

Got back on Wednesday, actually, but Thursday was rather a blur. Was up for 23 hours then somehow managed to sleep only three or four hours, one hour at a time, then went to work. Productivity has been better! But I'm more clear-headed today, even though the ol' circadian is still working on his rhythm.

I'm starting to sort through photos. We have over a thousand (no, that's not a threat). I don't think I'll update this blog with anything because this was intended for play-by-play and that didn't pan out. I've ordered a replacement cable; that should arrive next week, at which time I can pull still more photos off the netbook. Then put everything in some semblance of order. Meanwhile, I'm typing up my handwritten notes and should finish those around the same time. Also, Deb has a couple hours of video that she's working on.

After that, my plan is to put it into some form that people can read/view. One format may be a printable book; another may be a web site. Not sure about all that yet.

Meanwhile, I'm in that odd place one finds oneself after an adventure. Some people want to hear about it in detail, but others, such as co-workers, only want the five minute or even one minute version. So one starts abstracting, choosing highlights, summarizing, giving overviews. In short, one begins to write history.