Friday, June 25, 2010

Totally at sea

Somewhere in the middle of the North Sea. Happy because we're here, sad because I left the frakkin' power cord to the netbook in the hotel. Plugged into the wall. Never packed it.  [palm -> forehead | whack!]

So I'm in the shipboard Internet cafe dealing with firewalls and time limits and I'm not going to be able to update the blog in loving detail as I'd planned. Instead there will be short, furtive posts with no pictures and I'll wait until we return to narrate the whole circus. *sigh*

A quick catch-up.

The next day after the British Museum we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which turned out to be the favorite of London, aside from the city itself. The V&A is every bit as huge as the British, but much more varied. We spent most of the day there seeing everything from the expected statues and paintings to the unexpected massive collection of jewels, gold and silver work, tapestries, lace work, theatre costumes (including ones worn by the likes of Laurence Olivier and Richard Burton), and even gowns and accessories of Grace Kelly.

The next day was the train ride through the rolling hills of Kent down to the white cliffs of Dover and onto the Disney Magic. Our second vacation begins!

The North Sea has been smooth as silk, which is unusual if not exactly rare. The crew said the previous sailing had had rough seas. We've been out of sight of land all day and will be until we cruise into the Skaggerak this evening around 9pm (site of the Battle of Jutland in WWI). We enter the long waterway leading to Oslo around 3am and so won't get to view the islands there, arriving dockside about 6:30. Perhaps we'll get to see the islands on the cruise out the following day.

There is no way to upload pictures to the blog from here, as they provide only a terminal. I'll probably not update here for a couple of days, maybe three. Tomorrow is Oslo, the next day is Copenhagen, then comes Warnemunde / Rostock. At latest I'll update after Rostock, as we'll be crossing the Baltic after that. Meanwhile I'm writing it all down in my physical journal (thanks Rachel!) and will type up all when we return.

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  1. This is so much fun to read, really inspiring me to travel more. I hope you guys are soaking it up. I love you both very much.